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How to implement a digital transformation strategy post-COVID

By Gautam Daswani

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The onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March forced a number of businesses to quickly adapt their digital strategies. What were likely long-term plans before COVID-19 are now short-term requirements for companies to keep up and maintain a lifeline – all required to be executed in the most efficient and…

Luxury brands should embrace digital without losing human touch: Senior executive at Talos Digital

By Gautam Daswani

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Like dominoes lined up perfectly in a row, the novel coronavirus pandemic knocked down businesses all across the world one after another.  Luxury brands, which are traditionally heavily dependent on their physical stores, were not left unscathed by the health crisis that plunged the global economy into its worst crisis…

How to choose the best e-commerce platform for your business

By Gautam Daswani

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As online shopping becomes more popular, an attractive easy-to-use website can make your business stand out.  Modern site features like cart abandonment savers and dynamic shipping pricing once reserved for large companies are now accessible to just about everyone. Platforms like Adobe Magneto have opened up a number of possibilities…

Why nearshore software development is the most cost-effective solution for business

By Ignacio Pascual

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When you’re in need of an outsourced team of software developers, you usually have one of three options – onshore, offshore or nearshore – each offering varying pros and cons generally related to cost and location:  Onshore software development is usually the most expensive option because it requires you keep…

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